It has been a pleasure to work with your company over the past years on several projects; some big, some small. Regardless of the size of the project, your team has shown dedication, determination and professionalism in every job. As a hospital, we are limited to time frames for work completion. Be it night, day, weekends or holidays, Jack Hornsby Electric is up to the task. In my opinion, Jack Hornsby Electric has always gone the extra mile to see we got a high quality job that we expected. Without it, equipment failures can be detrimental to our operation. Thank you for all the work your company has done for us, and we hope to do more projects with you in the future.

Mark Jones Jackson-Madison County General Hospital

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in downtown Jackson has just completed an upgrade to all LED lighting. It was our plan to reduce our utility bills as well as the heat produced by incandescent lighting.

We were 'introduced' to Jack Hornsby Electric through the TVA pre-approved contractors and vendor list. We selected three, pre-approved companies to bid on the project. Jack Hornsby Electric outshone the others in many ways. They spent many hours with us, walking through the buildings, making suggestions and working with us to find the best solutions. Their bid was very detailed and arrived with specification for every bulb and fixture we planned to use. Allen Denbow, our Jack Hornsby Electric contact, worked closely with TVA to make sure everything was approved so we would be eligible for the incentive TVA offered.

There is no doubt in my mind that we chose the right company to do this job. We had 700 bulbs and fixtures that needed to be replaced to make our facility more energy efficient. Once all the approvals were received from TVA, they did the job quickly and efficiently.

The staff at Jack Hornsby Electric is very professional and easy to work with. We will not hesitate to hire them for any future work we need done.

Mary Nenarella Property Chairman, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Jackson

The start-up this morning has been very successful without a hitch. All equipment has started. I must provide feedback to you and your team for a 'job well done.' You and your team performed absolutely excellently for our plant this weekend.

I want to sincerely thank you and your team for the work performed over last week’s New Year’s holiday. This supportive preventive maintenance work is critical to the success of our plant. Myself and everyone here at the plant very respectfully appreciates it.

I must say thank you to everyone at Jack Hornsby Electric for the project support over this last weekend. The team you sent here was completely professional. It is only from this supply of electrical support that we can run so efficiently and safely.

David Weathers Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Novolex (formerly Duro Standard Products), Jackson